Web Site

Visual Design / Information Architecture
for Washington State Convention and Trade Center with LUX Group, Seattle, WA, 2005


The Washington State Convention and Trade Center hosts thousands of events every year. Located in Seattle downtown, the convention center is a hub of activity with guests from around the world. The Washington State Convention and Trade Center required a re-design of their website for improved usability targeted to specific user groups, like meeting planners and conference attendees, and visually reflecting the centerís superior services and spaces.


Ulrike and the team started the branding and re-design project by interviewing stakeholders and customers of the convention center. Through analysis of the research Ulrike and her team revealed a variety of unique event types that trade center offers and diverse customer groups with specific characteristics and needs. These insights and the analysis of the existing content led to the architecture of the website that targets to these specific user groups. Ulrike worked on Information Architecture and designed the user interface to support the customer focused website and to visually establish the trade centerís professionalism.

High-level site map

Content analysis by user type

Page template

Usability tests in the field and surveys, conducted by Ulrike and her team, attested measurable improvements in the usability of the website. Since itís launch the website has been a successful tool for the convention center. Moreover, the web site re-design was the first research and information architecture driven project at The LUX Group. The convincing findings and success of the project initiated the involvement of research and design processes in other projects.

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