Human Interface Guidelines

Interaction Design / Information Architecture / Visual Design
for Windows Live with Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, WA, 2006


The Windows Live Human Interface Guideline (HIG) is the framework to ensure consistency across products and services of the Windows Live Suite. The overall goal is seamless integration from one Windows Live service to another, accessible and easy-to-use interfaces, consistent architecture, text and interaction as well as brand identity. The guidelines target internal and external design users concerned with customer facing Windows Live products.


At Windows Live Ulrike designed and documented interface elements and behavior in collaboration with the design team. Ulrike focused on standard cross-service navigation and interaction modeling for elements that are shared by all Windows Live services. She worked with accessibility, user assistance and usability to ensure solid designs.

Through content inventory and analysis of the needs of users of the guidelines, Ulrike was able to develop a information architecture for the Windows Live Human Interface Guidelines that instantly improved findability of content. Ulrike laid out next steps to further develop the architecture and user experience by serving specific user groups.


The Windows Live HIG has become an important design reference for the internal and external User Experience community, Product Management and Engineering across Microsoft.

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Structure for Guidelines

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