Service Design / Design Research
Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
Worked on the Care at a distance platform to develop three sustainable models that extend specialty care from traditional hospital settings. Conducted primary research; analyzed research and created strategies for specialty care with a focus on patient experience, and facilitated innovation workshops with clinical teams.

Experience Planning and Interaction Design
Motorola Mobility / MOTOACTV
Researched, planned, and designed the first Android based fitness device and music player. Supported business planning, created design analysis and synthesis, as well as detailed functionality guidelines during the first phase of the product development.

Interaction Design
Motorola Mobility / MOTONAV
Defined experiences for personal navigation device, the first in-house developed PND. Provided user experience design leadership in defining interaction design guidelines and global rules for the PND and supporting the delivery of user-friendly and consistent experiences. go to project

Design Planning
Institute of Design, IIT
During my studies at the Institute of Design I have been working on various design planning projects from user research, analysis, synthesis to design planning implementation. Areas of interest include systems thinking, service design, emotions and design, social responsibility, frameworks & methods. go to projects

User Experience Design
Microsoft Office Live
Designed the end-to-end product experience of Office Live Workspace, Microsoft's first online collaboration service, including all aspects of user interface, interaction design and cross service integration to ensure consistent user experience across Microsoft services. go to project

Interaction Design & Information Architecture
Microsoft Windows Live
Designed and documented Windows Live UI elements and behavior in collaboration with design team. Worked with accessibility and usability to ensure solid designs. Developed information architecture for Windows Live Human Interface Guidelines. go to project

Visual Design & Information Architecture
Washington State Convention and Trade Center
Re-designed the website with improved usability and functionality to be easy to use for various user groups. Visually established the trade center's professionalism. Usability tests prove measurable success. go to project

Visual Design & Information Architecture & Front-End Development
The Macabe Associates
Created easy-to-navigate, accessible website. Positioned client as a modern service provider in the industry. go to project

Information Architecture & Prototyping & Visual Design & Usability Testing
InfoTang Community News Service case study
Researched, designed, developed prototype for community news service. Conducted usability tests. go to project

Visual Design & Information Architecture
Valley Orthopedic Associates
Designed updatable website to be used in concert with content management system for a network of medical service providers. Improved way-finding and usability.

Visual Design & Interaction Design & ActionScripting
Designed a Flash application geared towards children ages 6 - 12 years to learn about astronomy. Kids get involved in a variety of engaging learning experiences.

"Design Creates Value" thesis
Wrote 'Diplom' thesis at FHTW University of Applied Sciences and Arts about the digital knowledge society, User Experience, as well as principles for human-centered design for interactive media. download paper

Information Architecture & Interaction Design & Visual Design
Apple Physical Therapy web application
Developed information architecture and interaction design for internal web application to be used within network of physical therapists to streamline organizational and medical processes. go to project

Information Architecture & Interaction Design
The Hospital members-only community website
Developed information architecture and user flow for members-only online community membership for media and arts club in London.

Visual Design & Front-End Development
The 120 Book Club
Organized, designed and developed web identity for client.

Flash Animation Design & ActionScripting
Smile Olympia Dentist
Designed and developed engaging, interactive homepage animation.

Visual Design & Front-End Development
Ursula Scholz Jewelry Design
Designed website for the jewelry designer to establish web identity.