Design Planning / Research
at the Institute of Design, Chicago, IL, 2008

Design Planning
Long-term strategic plan for Design Management Institute download pdf
Research, Analysis, Synthesis

The project focused on ways to plan an organization's strategic position in the market by going through a rigorous innovation planning process.

My team developed a defensible innovation strategy plan to help the Design Management Institute to build on its current strengths to become a more relevant and innovative service to the Design community? The strategic recommendation is based on in-depth research on target audiences, market context, technology trends, and cultural dynamics. We applied structured methods, tools and frameworks to create a viable strategic plan for the DMI.

Service Design
Composting service: Wormworks download pdf
Analysis, Synthesis

This project examined service fundamentals, service systems, and service blueprinting, as well as trends including location based services, co-creation, and emerging social etiquette. Analysis focused on how services can uncover new possibilities for people to live well in a resource-constrained world.

The final service addresses the problem of organic waste in urban environments. Wormworks helps city dwellers to manage their household waste by making it easy to collect kitchen scraps and to convert them into useful high-quality compost - conveniently and hygienically.

Observing Users
Obama campaign headquarter in Chicago download pdf
Research, Analysis

The observational fieldwork for this project was conducted at the Obama for America Illinois Campaign headquarter in Chicago. The goal was to observe and understand the life at the headquarter, specifically the space, processes and systems, people, interactions, and motivations overall. Research techniques included photography, note taking, and interviews with long-term volunteers, staff and managers.

This project built on theory and methods of behavioral observation and analysis, as well as a variety of techniques derived from social and behavioral psychology and anthropology to develop insightful approaches to solving modern design and business problems.

Design Planning: Transportation
Design Analysis: Beer
Emotions and Design: Viewpoint
Information Structuring: Emotions
Product Planning: Grill
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