What I do

I have always been intrigued by people and searched to understand their behavior. From this understanding I am motivated to design for their needs. My approach to design solutions is the combination of behavioral and emotional matters. Building on my experience in Information Architecture and Interaction Design, I thrive to develop design solutions that are innovative, viable, and prove to be successful for the business.

I enjoy working with different stakeholders to bring together interests and motivations to guide product development. During my career I learned that a valuable characteristic of designers is the high-level view on a problem from the users perspective that is rooted in the future - in search for better solutions. A great tool of designers is to visualize ideas and to bring to life a vision.

With my professional experience, academic education, and motivation to create a better world I'm consulting with businesses, public institutions and start-ups to frame and advance their strategy based on human centered research and design.


My background is in Graphic Design. Going to school in Berlin, Germany, my education was deeply rooted in Bauhaus aesthetic and functionality. I hold a "Diplom" in Visual Communication Design from FHTW University in Berlin, Germany. In my thesis I explored how design can create positive experiences for people. Very early I was intrigued by the opportunities of new media and I gained technological and programming skills.

Combining my passion and interests, I have been working in the field of digital products and services since 1999 in Germany and the U.S. creating sound products and services via site architecture, interaction design, and visual interfaces. Over the years my focus has been shifting from Visual Design to Information Architecture and User Experience Design, and further to Design Planning and Strategy.

A great experience was working at Microsoft to design the user experience of Microsoft's first online collaboration service - Office Live Workspaces. I was responsible for the end-to-end product experience of Office Live Workspace, including all aspects of user interface, interaction design and cross service integration. Working at Motorola allowed me to explore and design new services for the mobile environment. My professional experience working with corporations and consultancies tuned my understanding of successful teamwork, communication, project management, and collaboration across stakeholders.

During 2008 I completed my Masters of Design Methods at the Institute of Design IIT in Chicago where I focused on Design Planning and strategy. At the Institute of Design, I expanded my user-centered design skills by combining user research, analytical frameworks and methods, and strategic business approach. I focused my studies on the areas of design planning, systems thinking, and service design.